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Newaygo Community

Over 25 kids signed up to help design a future skate-park in the Newaygo Community [Click here to view full size picture]
Over 25 kids signed up to help design a future skate-park in the Newaygo Community

The City of Newaygo, Brooks Township and Garfield Township created a multi-jurisdictional Recreation and Natural Resources Conservation Plan. In addition, the communities developed the Newaygo Community Recreation Authority under Public Act 321 of 2000. The new Authority has adopted the Newaygo Community Recreation and Natural Resources Conservation Plan. The Plan has been approved by the DNR.

The multi-jurisdictional effort was initiated due to community-wide interest in conserving the area's wide array of valuable natural features, including the Muskegon River and diverse forests and wetlands. In addition, there was strong community support to enhance recreation opportunities including the development of cross-country ski trails, biking and hiking trails, and new sports facilities (e.g., soccer, baseball).

Update: Over the past five years, the Recreation Authority has pursued a number of grant opportunities to help fund park improvements and develop additional non-motorized trails. As a result, the Authority has leveraged over $309,000 in additional grant funding to improve a number of facilities including two tennis courts, a swimming pond, new baseball fields, soccer fields and new signs. In addition, grant funding has been utilized to renovate the historic John Graves Lodge at the Winter Sports into a community center and trailhead (connecting to the North Country Trail) for the greater Newaygo Community.


Recently, the Authority initiated steps to update the Recreation Plan and revise the Articles of Incorporation to add Croton Township into the Authority.


Sidebar - The success of PfC's pilot project has spurred on other cooperative planning efforts in the Newaygo Community, including the development of a Growth Management Plan between the three jurisdictions.




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