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Request for Proposals

Partnerships for Change (PfC) Sustainable Communities is an innovative multi-jurisdictional community planning and technical assistance program that fosters new and expanded cooperation between cities, townships, and villages. Partnerships for Change helps local governments collaborate to develop and carry out land-use policies and programs that contribute to the preservation of cultural and natural resources. These community-wide efforts also encourage urban redevelopment and discourage inefficient low-density development. Ultimately, Partnerships for Change encourages more efficient economic development through an inter-jurisdictional focus on community-wide concerns.


Since 2004, Partnerships for Change has offered educational opportunities as well as grants of technical assistance, professional planning services and process support to partnerships of over 30 geographically dispersed communities throughout Michigan - encompassing over 130 local governments and touching the lives of nearly 1,000,000 people living in the participating communities!


While Partnerships for Change service grants are no longer available, LIAA still provides services tailored to meet the needs of local units of governments willing to work together to improve community planning and resource development, including:

  • On-site facilitation services, surveys, workshops and educational support
  • Research and analyses (e.g. identifying and evaluating alternatives)
  • Geographic analyses and map production
  • Development and drafting of land-use policies (e.g., master plans and zoning ordinances)
  • Low-cost education and training programs for municipal officials and others interested in multi-jurisdictional planning and cooperation.  

 For project ideas and more information, contact LIAA.


Partnerships for Change Alumni Service Grant


Current and prior community participants in the Partnerships for Change Program still qualify for additional professional planning and technical support services under a new grant agreement: For services provided from July 2011 through June 2012, Partnerships for Change will pay 30% of all personnel costs incurred by LIAA.


This invitation only applies to local units of government that want to continue inter-jurisdictional cooperation and coordination efforts to improve planning, community development, and service sharing. The new Service Grant provides a very low-cost way to carry on with your cooperative work. For project ideas and more information, contact LIAA or download the PfC Alumni Service Grant Brochure.



This page last updated on 10/27/2011.
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